The Weather Engineering Team (W.E.T.)

About W.E.T.

The W.E.T. Team is a double sized team that was divided into two separate teams, the Hardware Team and the Software Team. The Hardware and Software teams worked separately on various tasks and comprised the efforts in order to design, create, and deploy the WETnet.

Our hardware team’s tasks consisted of determining the sensors, power, and enclosure design of our project. It was vital to discuss and determine the necessary sensors that would output accurate data from both the super nodes and sub nodes. Picking out the sensors lead to testing and validating the accuracy of each sensor. It was our mission to determine the amount of power to keep the sensors stable and to consistently output data. The design included mounting the PCBs and raspberry pi to each node as well as designing the wind vane and anemometer.

Nathan Vujovich

Alven Eusantos

Joseph Dantay

Yuanzhi Li

Jeremey Lee

Johnny Briseno

Jonathan Acuario

Noel Garcia

Longjie Chen

Matthew Salvino

The software team’s responsibilities included creating a website, database, and communication network. Our team’s website employs contemporary coding techniques that make it dynamic, modern, and user friendly. Our server’s executable implements coding methods that ensure that reliable and secure data transfers occur between our website, database, and weather network. Lastly, our communication network uses standard communication topology and communication protocols to ensure that we acquire data reliably and accurately from our weather stations.

Stephen West

Kevin Sahagun

Brent Knickerbocker

Ankit Verma

Benjamin Hunt

Philippe Grepo

Brandon Ma

Yusuf Shaikh